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Student Care Team

The Student Care Team (SCT) is a collaborative group that is responsible for coordinating care for students at UW Oshkosh.

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Faculty and Staff

The purpose of this site is to offer some answers to these questions by describing the services of the University Counseling Center and how our staff can respond via consultation and/or referral to the Center. Providing direct, confidential assistance to students is our most important task and is what we do best. The University Counseling Center is the only service on campus whose primary mission is to provide psychological counseling for students.

A Note to Staff

As a member of our University community, you impact the lives of our students on a daily basis. Students often go to you when they need support or have questions. Therefore, students may see you as the first person to go to when they are upset or concerned about school. You may be the first (or only) person who recognizes that a student is not functioning well, either academically or personally.

This information is intended to help you reach out to the student and to link them to the help they need.

What can you do when you suspect a student may need help, and you are willing to take the initiative and reach out to him or her?

While you are not expected to assess and treat mental health problems, you are in a position to recognize distress and are responsible for inquiring further about the situation. Mental Health issues can impact and sometimes jeopardize student college careers. Reaching out to students not only helps them personally, but enhances their academic success.

There are many potential signs that indicate a student may be experiencing distress. Below are some examples of signals and behaviors of distress:


  • Depression: poor concentration, loss of interest, withdrawal
  • Agitation: anxious, cannot sit still
  • Disorientation: seems ‘out of it’, may exhibit bizarre behavior
  • Suicidal expression, thoughts or threats
  • Alcohol or drug abuse: including coming to class intoxicated


  • Increased irritability, undue aggressive or abrasive behavior
  • Excessive procrastination, poor class attendance, little or no work completed
  • Marked change in personal hygiene
  • Dependency (e.g., the student who hangs around or makes excessive appointments to see you)
  • Alarming or dangerous behaviors

How do you proceed if you have concerns for a student who may be experiencing distress?

Faculty and Staff at all 3 campuses are encouraged to contact the Counseling Center at 920-424-2061 or the Dean of Students Office at 920-424-3100 to consult about a student of concern. Students of concern could be brought to the attention of the Student Care Team (SCT).

What is the Student Care Team?

The Student Care Team (SCT) is a central network focused on prevention and early intervention with students who are experiencing extreme distress or engaging in harmful or disruptive behaviors.

SCT gathers information, develops strategies to assist with potentially harmful or disruptive behavior and coordinates support resources to help students maintain satisfactory academic progress, promote their health and well-being and enhance campus safety.

How will you know if the student needs immediate intervention?

Urgent concerns that warrant immediate intervention include:

  • Suicide risk
  • Loss of control
  • Possibility of harming/hurting oneself or someone else
  • Sexual assault
  • Physical assault
  • Recent death of friend or family member
  • Out of touch with reality

In such instances, staff and faculty should contact the appropriate resource listed below:


  • 911
  • 920-424-1212 (University Police)

Counseling Center

  • 920-424-2061

Dean of Students Office

  • 920-424-3100

24-Hour Crisis Hotline

  • 920-233-7707 (Winnebago County)
  • 920-929-3535 (Fond du Lac County)
  • 920-832-4646 (Outagamie County)
  • 920-849-9317 (Calumet County)
  • 1-800-273-TALK (National Network)

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