Group Therapy

What is Group therapy all about?

  • ACCEPTANCE: Having a safe place to talk to others about your concerns.
  • UNIVERSALITY: Feeling that you’re not alone and realizing that others share the same problems.
  • FEEDBACK: It is a safe place to learn how you’re perceived by others and it gives you the chance to be assertive in telling others how you experience them.

Call (920) 424-2061 to make an appointment to see a counselor about joining a group.

Group Therapy Testimonials

What are UW Oshkosh Students saying about Group Therapy?

  • “I really enjoyed group. It made me feel like I had somewhere to come and be myself.”
  • “It was so much better than I expected. Before going to group I expected most of the talking/advice to be done by the facilitators and luckily this was not the case.”
  • “I feel better communicating with others now.”
  • “I learned from example how to deal with problems better.”
  • “I would have loved for group to have lasted longer.”
  • “My expectations were more than met, I found the group amazing.”

Current Group Skills Series

  • Balance
    Balance explores the definition and signs of distress and tangible ways to manage and cope with distress.  This series is structured for students to learn distress tolerance skills in each session with ongoing practice and discussion of how to utilize skills every day.
  • Connect
    Connect focuses on healthy relationships, boundary-setting, communication, and self-respect.  In this series, students have discussions and are provided educational information about applying interpersonal effectiveness skills in current and future relationships.
  • Nurture
    Nurture aims to help individuals identify the ways that they are self-critical, and how they can move beyond criticism to acceptance of self and self-understanding.  This is an interactive series that will help students build the ability to be more self-compassionate.
  • Reset
    Reset examines the importance of emotions, how to identify emotions, and how to regulate emotions in the short-term and long-term.  Each session includes education, discussion, and application of different emotion-regulation skills that students can use in their everyday life.
  • Restore
    Restore provides information about the key components to living mindfully and maintaining a sense of calm in our daily lives.  This series is designed for students to learn digestible skills and how to utilize mindfulness in their daily routines.
  • Thrive
    Thrive is designed for students who have experienced highly distressing or stressful life events.  Healing is possible.  In Thrive, students learn about common reactions to chronic stress and skills to begin coping and thriving in their lives.