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Non-Verbal Assertive Behaviors

General Attitude
  • Not saying much but hoping someone will guess what you want.
  • Looking like you don’t mean what you say.
  • Willing to lose.
  • Paying close attention to what is being said
  • Assured manner
  • Showing concern and strength
  • Seeking fairness
  • Exaggerated show of strength
  • Sarcastic style
  • Air of superiority
  • Need to win
  • Weak, hesitant, soft, rising inflection at end of statements.
  • Firm, warm, well modulated, relaxed
  • Tense, loud, cold, shrill, "deadly"
  • Downcast, pleading, teary, looking away
  • Making eye contact but not staring
  • Narrowed, cold staring
  • Expressionless, as though looking through you
Body Posture
  • Stooped, head down
  • Excessive nodding in agreement
  • Well balanced, straight on
  • Erect and relaxed
  • Stiff and rigid
  • Feet apart
  • May cross arms or have hands on hips
  • Fidgety
  • Clammy
  • Relaxed gestures
  • Finger pointing
  • Clenched fists
  • Abrupt movements
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