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Outreach is about increasing college student's mental health awareness through education, prevention ideas, stigma reduction and resources for help. Through outreach, Counseling Center staff and interns are able to connect with the larger UWO community and ultimately strengthen our community of caring, well-being and safety.

Outreach programs through the Counseling Center

Live happy

Live Happy (Mental Health/Wellness) – Ideas and practices that improve mental health are communicated throughout campus with the use of posters, posted messages, social media, the Counseling Center website and various tabling events when information is communicated by counselors and interns about how students can improve their mental health to feel better and do their best!


No More Secrets (Suicide Prevention) - Students are encouraged to seek help from others when they are experiencing great distress or having thoughts of wanting to harm themselves or others or if they know of someone who is in order to get the best help fast.  This information is shared throughout campus with revolving posters communicating the message that some secrets (great or ongoing difficulties and thoughts of harm) should not be kept but communicated so that help can be given. This information is shared through the use of social media, the Counseling Center website and presentations/trainings on the topic of mental health problems and risk factors for suicide, self-injury and harm to others.


Pet Perk Me Up (Animal assistance in well-being) – Animal-assistance therapy dogs come to visit our students in various residence halls across campus several times a semester to bring some joy and comfort to students who may be missing their pet from home or who simply enjoy animals.  These visits are welcome treats to our students and provide a nice break from their studies!





How to request an outreach presentation, information or help with an event:

Outreach requests can be sent to email.
Please include:
  • type of presentation you may need
  • date and time you are requesting
  • your contact information(name, email, phone number).
Our Outreach Coordinator, or another staff member, will get back to you promptly.

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Emergency Resources


Dial 911

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

1-800-273-TALK (8255)


Crisis Text Line

Text HOME to 741-741
text line

Winnebago County Crisis