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Publish Pages and Folders

Shows you how to publish pages and folders singularly or in mass.

You can publish objects in Plone in a variety of ways.

You can publish the objects one at a time (which I recommend). This allows you to be methodical in what you reveal to the public. It forces you to examine the content and be really know the information your giving to the public is as accurate as possible. You can also publish content in batches. This allows you to quickly get your information published but it will also publish pages with mistakes, outdated information, and information you actually wanted to stay private. Only do this if your certain the information in a given folder is uptodate. 

Publish objects, one at a time

Once you have reviewed the content on a page and are ready to make it public.

  • Login
  • Make sure your on the page you want to publish
  • Click on the state at the top right side of the page. This will give you a drop down list. Select publish.
    publish a page 

Publish a lot of objects at one time

  • login
  • choose the "contents" tab in green editing bar
  • check the checkboxes next to the items you want to publish
    choose checkboxes in contents tab

  • At the bottom of the contents view page choose the "change state" button
    Change State Button at bottom of contents page

  •  You will get a view of the items you will be changing. At the bottom of that page choose the "publish" radio button and select "save"
    Publish a lot of items using the publish page

NOTE: if you want to also publish ALL items contained in the folder choose the "Include Contained Items" checkbox. This is very powerful and will publish EVERYTHING inside those folders. Make sure this is what you want to do.

Also include contained items 

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