Nurse Scholars Program

The Nurse Scholars Program is designed to directly admit academically gifted students into the College of Nursing as freshman. Qualified students are able to enroll in the nursing major as first-year students. The Nurse Scholar application can be completed after a student is admitted to UW Oshkosh, for consideration submit this application to

Program Requirements

Demonstration of educational excellence evidenced by:

  • Composite ACT score of 28 or higher
  • Submission of two (2) recommendations, at least one from high school science teacher, other can be another teacher, guidance counselor, or support staff at school
  • Evidence of scholastic achievement by submission of high school transcript (Assistant Director will review)
  • Submission of personal statement explaining desire to pursue nursing, including service experience and experience with diverse populations
  • Completion of criminal background check as directed by undergraduate office
  • Completion of interview with Assistant Director or designee, questions designed to determine student attitude, engagement, and autonomy, as well as look for factors that may make student more or less likely to succeed in the College of Nursing
  • Produce evidence of at least 240 hours of CNA or other CNA experience approved by Academic Standing Committee
  • Produce evidence of at least 20 hours of service, within past year (12 months)
  • Produce evidence of experience with diverse populations
  • Demonstrate shared values of altruism, integrity, human dignity, social justice, and autonomy in interview

Program requirements must be submitted to the Undergraduate Nursing Office by deadline.(January 30-Fall admissions, August 30-Spring Admissions) The College of Nursing reserves the right to limit enrollment numbers in the Nurse Scholars Program.

Program Continuation Requirements

Continued participation in the Nurse Scholars Program as a UW Oshkosh student is contingent upon meeting the requirements listed below:

  • Maintain a credit load of at least 15 credits per semester or earn 30 credits by the end of the second semester and
  • Maintain at least a 3.30 (combined) grade point average during the freshman year, and a 3.5 pre-nursing GPA for pre-nursing courses.
  • Maintain a clean background check, without any criminal activity. Comply with College of Nursing Code of Conduct
  • Complete TEAS test with minimum score of national BSN Mean
  • Submit evidence of health care experience, service experience, and experience with diversity
  • Treat others with respect, and maintain positive attitude. Remain engaged in learning, and take accountability for own learning

Failure to fulfill continuation requirements will result in removal from Nurse Scholar Program, and guaranteed admission into the College of Nursing will be revoked. Students must then reapply to the College of Nursing following traditional admission procedures.


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