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How do I know if nursing is right for me?

If you have a strong interest in helping others, have good communication skills and are a high-achieving student with a strong aptitude in the sciences, nursing may be the career for you! Working as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) will help you determine if you enjoy working in a healthcare setting. Get involved in one of the nursing student organizations on campus so you can learn more about the field of nursing and meet other students. As you network with others in the College of Nursing, you can figure out if nursing is the right fit for your skills and abilities. 

How difficult is it to get into the College of Nursing?

Nursing is one of the most competitive majors on campus. Students who meet the minimum admission criteria are not guaranteed admission into the College of Nursing. Applicants will be screened, and the most qualified individuals will be admitted as nursing majors. You’ll want to stay on top of your academics from day one!

How many people are accepted into the program each semester?

  1. On average, approximately 150 students apply to the College of Nursing each semester. Of these applicants, 96 of the most-qualified students are admitted as nursing majors. 80 applicants are admitted to the standard option and 16 applicants are admitted to the year-round option.

What is the average GPA of accepted applicants?

The average GPA for accepted applicants varies based on the pool of applicants, but typically falls between 3.04 and 4.

What happens if I do not get accepted to the College of Nursing?

Students may apply to the College of Nursing more than once if they are not accepted the first time. If you are determined to become a nurse, you may benefit from further guidance from an adviser in the Undergraduate Advising Resource Center (UARC).

When pursuing a competitive major like nursing, it’s a good idea to have a “plan B.” There are many ways to help people and/or work in healthcare beyond nursing, and UARC advisers can help pinpoint other academic majors that will suit your skills, abilities, and most importantly, your passion.

Is there a wait list?

No; there is no wait list for the College of Nursing. Students must re-apply each semester if they at first are not admitted.

If I don’t get in, do I need to reapply or does the College of Nursing keep my application?

Students who are not admitted at first must submit a new application to be considered for admission, including an additional criminal background check*. Previous TEAS exam results must meet or exceed the current national average for the semester you are applying. Applicants may retake the TEAS exam to improve their score.

* The Undergraduate Nursing Office will provide you with a reduced price on any subsequent criminal background check(s).

How do I apply to the College of Nursing if I am a transfer student?

Transfer students seeking admission into the College of Nursing are eligible to apply either spring or fall semester. All transfer students must first apply to UW Oshkosh and be admitted as a student before applying to the College of Nursing. Please factor in plenty of time for application processing. Transfer students must first attend Transfer Titan Takeoff, where students will meet with a pre-nursing adviser.

Transfer credits will not be posted to your student account until the $100 tuition deposit is paid. The College of Nursing cannot take late applications into consideration. Be sure to pay your tuition deposit at least two weeks before the nursing application deadline.

Will my credits transfer to UW Oshkosh?

Transfer Wisconsin is a helpful tool for students transferring from a UW System Wisconsin Technical College school.

Transfer students may also refer to the transfer admission guidelines to identify course equivalents. Any other college courses or electives must be evaluated by the UW Oshkosh Admissions Office after you apply to the University.

When I first apply to UW Oshkosh, do I need to submit my transcripts to the College of Nursing in addition to the Admissions Office?

No. Transcripts are accessible to the College of Nursing once they are received by the Admissions Office. However, you will later be asked to attach your unofficial UW Oshkosh transcript when applying to the College of Nursing.

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