Wendy Bauer

Director of Research and Evaluation, Assistant Professor
College of Nursing



  • - PhD, Nursing, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, 2018
  • - BSN, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, 2008



  • - Licensed Registered Nurse, State of Wisconsin multi-state compact
  • - Basic Life Support Provider Certification, American Heart Association



  • - Chronic illness self-management
  • - Indoor environmental health
  • - Qualitative methods



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  • - Bauer, W. S. (2024, February 22). Mapping a research trajectory of the impact of fragranced products on respiratory health to the NIEHS Translational Research Framework. Alliance for Nurses for a Healthy Environment (AHNE) Research Work Group Monthly Meeting [Oral presentation, virtual].
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Awards and Honors

  • - Edward Penson Faculty Award (2022) University of Wisconsin Oshkosh\



  • Technology, Education, Access, Communities, and Healthcare: TEACH Toward a Healthy Rural Wisconsin. University of Wisconsin System Innovation Grant. Chung, S. (PI), Abrahamson, K.(Co-I), & Bauer, W. (Co-I). Amount: $175,000. (Awarded January 2024).
  • Civil liberties-focused misinformation to promote vaccine hesitancy and denial during the COVID-19 pandemic awarded by the Menard Center for the Study of Institutions & Innovation. Faculty research stipend ($2500) (Awarded August 2020).