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RN to BSN to MSN
Sample Plan of Study

Fall Semester I

Course Credit(s)
Nursing 324 Orientation to Nursing Major 1
Humanities* 3
Nursing 341 Theoretical Foundations 4

Spring Semester I

Course Credit(s)
Statistics* 3
Social Science* 3
Humanities* 3

Summer I

Course Credit(s)
Physical Education 2
English (Advanced Comp.) 3
Ethnic Studies 3

Fall Semester II

Course Credit(s)
Nursing 434 Nursing Reserach 3
Nursing 444 Community Health 3

Spring Semester II

Course Credit(s)
Non-Western Culture* 3
Nursing 492 Pathophysiology 3
Humanities* 3

Summer II

Course Credit(s)
Nursing 745 Advanced Health Assessment for Clinical Nurse Leaders and Nurse Educators 2

Fall Semester III

Course Credit(s)
Nursing 438 Community Health Clinical 3
Nursing 437 Leadership and Management 2
Nursing 719 Theoretical Foundations for Advance Nursing and IP Collaboration or Nursing 746 Quality and Safety 3 2

Spring Semester III

Course Credit(s)
Nursing 448 Nursing Synthesis 4
Nursing 709 Pharmacology for Advanced Nursing Roles or Nursing 783 Healthcare Informatics 3 3

*General education requirement. An individual plan of study will be developed for RN to BSN to MSN students to meet the additional MSN requirements for graduation.

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