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Why do I need a DNP?

The American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) has recommended that by 2015, the educational entry level for advanced practice nurses (NP, CRNA, CNS and CNM) be at the DNP level. In addition to the educational preparation of advanced practice nurses, a DNP imparts proficiency in leadership, healthcare policy, information systems and healthcare delivery systems. The foundations provide positions like nurse executive and nurse administrator with the highest level of educational preparation in this specialty.

What if I have not met the prerequisite classes in advanced practice nursing, but believe I am knowledgeable/skilled in those areas?

If no formal coursework was taken, the College of Nursing will conduct individual reviews of an applicant’s supporting materials. The applicant must provide materials that show they have mastered these topics through other means. The prerequisite(s) may then be waived. Course syllabi/objectives, papers, assignments or proof of teaching a class are examples of supporting evidence; though other materials may be applicable.

What do I do if I need to enroll in a theory or ethics prerequisite class?

Prerequisite courses can be taken through UW Oshkosh or another accredited program. Courses taken outside of UW Oshkosh must first be approved by the College of Nursing Graduate Program. A master’s-level theory course is offered at UW Oshkosh each fall. Prospective students fulfilling prerequisite courses must enroll at the University as special students.

I am an advanced practice nurse. How do I prove that I have adequate, current and sufficient pharmacology knowledge?

You may show proof of adequate pharmacology knowledge through one of the following options:

  • Evidence of successful completion of a pharmacology course from an accredited MSN program.
  • Those without a formal pharmacology class may show proof through continuing education credits or content. Content must have been taken on a consistent basis (such as the annual pharmacology updates or substantive continuing education units).
  • Advanced practice nurses who have prescriptive authority meet the requirement based on their continuing education content.

What is a DNP Scholarly Project?

The DNP Scholarly Project is a culminating project demonstrating excellence in nursing practice, leadership, knowledge of population health, evidence-based practice, inquiry and the integration of the DNP role in a comprehensive healthcare environment. The DNP Scholarly Project is to be a practice-oriented project that meets the needs of the DNP’s community of interest. The project is not considered a dissertation but must exemplify scholarly activity.

How much does the DNP program cost?

DNP tuition and fees can be found on the Student Financial Services website

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