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Doctor of Nursing Practice
Master’s to DNP Program

The Doctor of Nursing Practice program builds upon master’s-level nursing knowledge and skills and prepares graduates for the highest level of nursing practice. This two-year, hybrid program integrates courses in evidence-based practice, informatics, leadership, collaboration, and knowledge of systems and healthcare policy.

Upon completing the program, DNP graduates are expected to:

  • Expand advanced nursing practice by integrating the art and science of nursing with theory and knowledge from biophysical, psychosocial, political, ethical, technical, analytical, cultural, spiritual, environmental and organizational realms.
  • Promote culturally sensitive, holistic advanced nursing practice care and services in a global community, with emphasis on disease/illness prevention and health/wellness promotion as well as restoration and maintenance.
  • Synthesize leadership skills, systems analysis and advocacy expertise.
  • Integrate clinical expertise and competence with population-focused management, evidence-based practice and health care policy.
  • Analyze health-related information systems and technology for the improvement of healthcare.
  • Develop, implement and evaluate evidence-based approaches to advanced nursing practice.
  • Evaluate the outcomes of advanced nursing practice.
  • Apply clinical scholarship and leadership skills to advanced nursing practice.
  • Evaluate personal scholarship, professional growth, and excellence in practice.

DNP tuition and fees can be found on the Student Financial Services website

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