Graduate Certificate
Nurse Educator

The Nurse Educator certificate provides individuals MSN-prepared nurses with foundational knowledge and expertise to assume roles as nurse educators in healthcare and academic settings. This 11-credit certificate program combines 100%-online coursework with hands-on practicum to develop the leadership and professional skills necessary to effectively educate future and fellow nurses.

Graduates of the Nurse Educator Certificate are able to sit for the Certified Nurse Educator examination at the completion of the program.  This certification, while not required to be a nurse educator, establishes nursing education as a specialty area of practice and creates a means for faculty to demonstrate their expertise in this role.


Admission Requirements

  • Master’s degree in Nursing from an accredited college or university
  • Graduate GPA of 3.0 higher
  • Current licensure as a registered nurse
  • Two references from professional colleagues or supervisors

Application Process

A) Apply to UW Oshkosh as a graduate student

B) Ask your master’s degree institution to electronically send transcripts to UW Oshkosh Graduate Studies (

We need an official, degree conferral transcript for your graduate degree:

  • Official means the transcript is sent directly from the institution to UW Oshkosh Graduate Studies. Electronic transcripts are processed most quickly.
  • While we prefer official transcripts for admission decision-making, we can use unofficial transcripts. If you are admitted, we require official transcripts before you begin taking classes. If you uploaded transcripts with your application we will use those unofficial transcripts. Otherwise, email unofficial transcripts to
  • Degree-conferral means the transcript shows the name of the degree earned and the date it was awarded

You may send transcripts from all institutions.

Special situations:

  • If you attended UW Oshkosh, you do not need to send UWO transcripts
  • If you previously applied to UW Oshkosh, we will use transcripts on file
  • If you attended UW Fond du Lac or UW Fox Valley before Fall 2019, you need to request transcripts
  • If you are currently finishing your master’s degree, send a current transcript now and an official degree conferral transcript when you complete your degree
  • If you have more than one master’s degree, send transcripts for the degree most relevant to this certificate

C) Submit copy of current RN license to the College of Nursing Graduate Office via email to

D)Submit a completed Background Information Disclosure form (BID) via email to

F) Reference Letter Form
Applicants must complete the top portion of the reference form and forward to the two references. Reference forms are to be sent directly from the references to the College of Nursing Graduate Program Office.

After admission requirements are met, and supporting materials have been received by the respective graduate offices, eligible applicants will receive access to several written admission questions.  Applicants’ responses to these admission interview questions will be reviewed by members of our graduate faculty.  Once an application is complete, the College of Nursing Graduate Program Office will reach out to the applicant with additional information on how to complete the written admission question prompts.


The Nurse Educator certificate program begins in spring and takes three semesters to complete.

Semester 1 | Spring

  • Nursing 736 – The Education Process in Nursing, 3 credits

Semester 2 | Fall

  • Nursing 737 – Nurse Educator Practice Advancement, 1 credit (minimum 56 hours)
  • Nursing 748 – Assessment and Evaluation Strategies in Nursing Education, 3 credits

Semester 3 | Spring

  • Nursing 738 – Advanced Educator Practicum, 4 credits (minimum 224 hours)

College of Nursing

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