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Build a Stronger College

All money received by the College of Nursing is reinvested in our students. Your donations provide the ability to purchase laboratory and simulation equipment, obtain medical supplies and secure the latest scholarly materials for top-notch nursing instruction. The UW Oshkosh College of Nursing is among the best nursing schools in the Midwest thanks to your support.

Improve Healthcare

When we can offer students innovative professors and comprehensive classroom learning; the result is better nurses entering the medical community and better healthcare for the region. Support from donors helps us to go above and beyond for our students so they can start contributing to the medical community and have an immediate impact in their surrounding communities..


Know Exactly Where Your Donation Is Going

When you donate to the College of Nursing you receive an acknowledgement indicating exactly where your gift has been directed. As a valued supporter of the College, we proudly recognize the names of each donor in our annual alumni and donor publication, CONtact.

Now is the time to invest locally so that communities can be invigorated. Donations to the College of Nursing are tax-deductible.

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