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by Barthel, William J last modified Apr 22, 2017 04:45 AM

Over the past week Micheal and I had a chance to get together one night and work on our Plone animal shelter workflow.  Upon creating a form for a user to submit a cat or dog into the shelter there was some difficulty in generating the correct fields for user input. For example, a section of the form that asks whether the animal is male or female allowed the user to submit anything in that field and that would fulfill the "required" aspect of the field to be completed alowing the user to enter faulty data and proceed to the next step. There were a few more cases like this but ultimately I was able to find the most appropriate input type for each field we wanted to include on our form where only real any information can be selected for a given section.

In the style of our workflow diagram we intend to have three stages to represent each phase. Michael was able to create custom Plone states and transitions that identify a specific animal application as the animal being submitted, up for adoption, or happily adopted. When the user clicks a submit button after filling out a form mentioned in the above paragraph, Plone automatically changes that form to a different state due to what transition was applied to it. It's in this way that an animal's shelter submission form changes states from being admitted to being up for adoption.

This is where our current problem resides. Through using transitions, the state of each form is updated but visually that doesn't affect the form in any way. All the content looks the same but there is a variable that's invisible to the user saying the state of this animal has changed. Our next task is to link the state of each form dictate specific visuals and options that will continue to keep the animal's profile up to date through its time at the shelter. Through doing some research we have decided that Plone's 'content rules' are our best opportunity to accomplish this. With our short time experimenting with content rules we have not had as much success as we wanted. If progress really starts to slow down I will create a post on the Plone forums asking for some tips on how to achieve our current goal.

by Barthel, William J last modified Apr 22, 2017 04:45 AM
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