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Playing with Python

by Barthel, William J last modified Apr 09, 2017 04:00 AM

Over the last week I spent a good amount of time learning the basics of Python through extending a template-engine written by Ned Batchelder. What this program did was take in a custom html like page with custom tags and turn it into a Puthon function that when ran would output the desired html page but with dynamic data fillied in where the special tags indicated. Ultimately I did not achieve my original goal of letting a user create custom tags for the template but instead added a few new tags of my own to the code that were not particularly useful. Should I continue working on this project, I would create an extra script that would programicaly add code to Ned's project that would tell the template engine how to deal with new tags that were created by the user. Although I didn't meet my end goal completely I grew a great deal as a programmer from this experience. I taught myself a new programming language and was able to successfully extend a project that I had no previous experience with. Reading and using another person's code used to be a big struggle for me and would often cause me to stay away from trying to contribute to a projects I found interesting merely because I felt too intimidated by having to learn how everything works. After this project I am more confident in my ability to understand other developer's work while also being able to contribute to it.

by Barthel, William J last modified Apr 09, 2017 04:00 AM
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