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Experimenting with Plone add-ons and workflows

by Barthel, William J last modified Mar 17, 2017 05:22 PM

During this past week, Michael and I spent a good amount of time finalizing what resources we are going to use to complete our Plone animal shelter workflow.  To get a solid idea of what steps we would need to include, we designed a diagram to help us visualize what needs to be accomplished.  Michael created the initial design and shared it with me through Google drive.  Upon taking a look at it myself, there seemed to be a lot of ambiguity and extra content that I felt was cluttering up the diagram.  After make a few changes to it myself, Micheal and I collaborated on it through a voice chat and edited it synchronously until we both had a diagram we were comfortable with.  An animal shelter that would use our workflow would have to follow only a few simple steps: take in a new animal, give it a physical examination, and if it is in good health put it up for adoption and if not the shelter would have to put the animal down.

The suggestion of creating a different type of form for each animal that would be accepted into the animal shelter seemed like a very promising idea to us.  It was also suggested that we use a Plone add-on called easyforms.  Upon finding the repository on Github, it was a pretty easy install.  We just had to run a single command on the command line and everything was installed for us.  Upon trying to create a new easyform on our Plone site though, we saw no way to do so.  Because of this we had to spend some more time on how to configure add-ons to our Plone site.  It turned out to be a pretty simple fix.  On the left hand side of the site while logged in as an administrator, there is a configuration option.  In there all of the possible default add-ons are displayed as well as a section of add-ons we installed ourselves.  Once activated, we were easily able to begin creating easyforms.  Now that we have all the software configured to how we would like, for the next couple weeks we will be practicing creating these forms up to our standards as well as learning how to effectively integrate them into our workflow.


by Barthel, William J last modified Mar 17, 2017 05:22 PM
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