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by Barthel, William J last modified Feb 17, 2017 03:13 PM

Over the past week I have learned more about more features included in Plone.  A large topic that came to my attention is how Plone integrates workflows.  A workflow is a sequence in which a specific task is accomplished.  There is plenty of software out there that can help a user represent their website and how tasks are completed.  In Plone 4 there is an add which generates this diagram for a user quickly and easily.  While I'm working in Plone 5, there is still a possibility to put together an example website similar to the actual one to see how well the website will actually flow.  My partner Michael and I have decided to learn more about how Plone implements workflows by implementing one for the study abroad office here at UW Oshkosh that will make it easier for students to apply and get accepted into various study abroad programs.  Through attempting this we hope to gain valuable knowledge in how Plone handles workflows for various tasks which could be transferable to organizing services provided by companies that would allow their users to more effectively use their products.

by Barthel, William J last modified Feb 17, 2017 03:13 PM
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