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Blog Entry for Week Ending March 31

by Springer, Matthew C. last modified Mar 31, 2017 07:43 PM
The eighth week of Software Engineering II

This week for discussion, we were to read an article by Martin Fowler titled “GUI Architectures” and were to focus on the MVC pattern.  Of note was the distinction between Flow Synchronization and Observer Synchronization.

For our Plone group project, as a group we went over the reactions our professor and mentor had to our project proposal.  As part of the response from the mentor, we are refocusing our project goal from strictly a theme to also include a gallery design to probably work with the truegallery addon.  After that and a discussion with our mentor, we compiled a list of steps we need to take and work on.  In that regard, we’re aiming to meet on Sunday to take out as many items on that list as possible, namely getting a feeling of truegallery and starting to understand how designs for it work.

My individual project has more or less stalled since the last progress I made.  Being able to select a pixel and have the program turn pixels with a different enough hue to grayscale was not terribly challenging.  However, it only seems to work if you select what is the dominant hue in the picture.  I’ve made sure that there isn’t some odd overlap with the built in dominant hue processing, but can’t seem to track down why the process only seems to work for the dominant hue.  Upon further playing with it, I also noticed that the built in hue tolerance behaves the opposite of how one would expect.  The default on startup is 5.  If the tolerance is lowered, more hues appear and if the tolerance is higher, fewer hues remain.  I only have to guesses as to that issue and my own and the first is that the program just doesn’t behave correctly.  The second is that while exploring the original code, I bumped something I didn’t mean to and the dominant hue and my addition will not behave correctly.  So I’m going to be redownloading the source project and redoing all of the setup in order to verify if it was in fact some accidental change or just a bad project.  From there I can assess how much progress I figure I’ll make in the last couple of days before the project is due and prioritize accordingly.

Our lab was to get a very entry level understanding of the Spring MVC framework by adding a single textfield to a form provided for us.  Despite not having documentation for the structure or explanation of the purpose of any of the specific files, it was pretty easy to breeze through them and figure out what had to be changed and how.

by Springer, Matthew C. last modified Mar 31, 2017 07:43 PM
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