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Blog Entry for Week Ending February 24

by Springer, Matthew C. last modified Feb 24, 2017 09:36 PM
The fourth week of Software Engineering II

For me, this week was fairly light on technology interaction for this class.  It turned out that our weekly stand-up meetings for our group did not have to start until this coming weekend, so we basically had an unofficial one to discuss ideas for our semester project.  Eventually we decided that it would probably be best to do something with themes in Plone.  A big part of this decision was Kim's list of ideas for the Google Summer of Code and how many items on it had to do with themes.  This also seemed like a decent idea given that we all have quite a bit of experience with html and Javascript and those were skills Kim listed as good to have for this project idea.


For our weekly reading, we were to read an article about Git by Susan Potter.  The main discussion prompt we were given was about the difference between distributed and central-server style version controls and which is better applicable to the idea of "release early, release often."  I designated distributed as the better option for the situation because it promotes code being made available in more frequent but more incremental steps, therefore allowing more people to work on a single code base in a shorter period of time.


Later in the week, our group decided more specifically about our project that we would be working on creating new themes appropriate for being packaged with Plone.  We want to emphasize with them a sort of approachable-ness for users less familiar with Plone.


During our lab session this week, we did exercises in our teams on some standard usage and workflow of Git.  Since we already had some experience with this in our Software Engineering I class, it wasn't terribly difficult, but we certainly had to play around a bit to figure out how to get a couple things to work.  Specifically, since we were using the GitHub website for the exercise, the process of squashing commits seemed to only be capable of being done by the branch manager instead of by those doing the commits.


This Friday, we had our first official group stand-up meeting.  Unfortunately, since we've only just started, there wasn't a great deal for us to have done so far.  We mentioned following Kim's advice for finding the "barceloneta" theme (which is the default for Plone 5), but not much else.  In that regard, we're planning on getting familiar with that over the next week.


Another task that I have to do this weekend is to look at the repository of 500 line projects that we are to choose from for our personal project.  I briefly glanced through the list and did some surface inspection of a few of them, so I still have plenty of inspection left before I choose one that I want to work on.

by Springer, Matthew C. last modified Feb 24, 2017 09:36 PM
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