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Blog Entry for Week Ending April 14

by Springer, Matthew C. last modified Apr 14, 2017 03:45 PM
The tenth week of Software Engineering II

This week for discussion, we were to read an article from Oracle about data access objects in reference to the Core J2EE Patterns.  The article discussed how this pattern is useful because it allows for easier separation between the business layer and a datasource.  Because of that, it becomes easy to swap out datasources.

For our Plone group project, we tried creating an add on for Plone to wrap the new design for truegallery we are trying to make.  The Mastering Plone Training gave a good explanation of how to run mrbob to create the framework, but then it became pretty useless when it came to actually creating the addon.  We spent about an hour and a half trying to figure out what had to be changed and how to make Plone recognize it as an add on to install.  Even then, it didn’t do anything.  I spent a bit of time later in the week trying again to make it work, but made little progress.  I’m probably going to reinstall Plone this next week so I can start from a clean slate.  Once I do that, I am going to return to trying to make the add on do anything.  As always, Plone's lack of explanatory documentation for beginners will be the greatest hurdle.

Our lab this week was aimed to get a better understanding of the Hibernate framework.  After looking around and finding everywhere the example definitions were used, it became pretty straightforward.


Goals (as seen above):

Make a fresh install of plone.

Try again to make a working add on for Plone.


by Springer, Matthew C. last modified Apr 14, 2017 03:45 PM
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