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Blog entry for Mar 10th

by Likwarz, Matthew last modified Mar 10, 2017 04:04 PM

This week I read the Continuous integration article, researched themes for the group project, wrote my individual project proposal, and finished the lab. The continuous integration paper was interesting I love the idea of continuous integration it keeps the project working while creating new features. When a project is small it is easy to make it work, but once it gets larger it is easier to write code that breaks things you wrote earlier.

Some challenges I ran into were with the lab. Having the operations out of order made installing the maven server much more difficult. I think the lab would have went fine if the operations were in order and the setup command was the one I had to find on maven's website. I think most of the confusion with the lab happened because no two people did the actions in the same order, which made referencing your peers much more difficult.

For next week I will read the article "Five reasons every developer should contribute to openMRS" which based on the title seems like some propaganda for free labor. I will also help my team create our proposal for the group project. I will also look at the canvas element in html, which will be useful for my individual project.

The challenges I face is finding the time to finish all of the things from my list. I have quite a few things to finish next week and this will make it much harder to get them all done before spring break.

by Likwarz, Matthew last modified Mar 10, 2017 04:04 PM
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