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4. Two-Week Catch-Up

by Gerrits, Lucas J last modified Feb 24, 2017 10:35 PM
A couple new topics that will be developing over the course of this blog.

Welcome back to another week of my dev blog! As you can tell, there was no third post, so in this entry I will try and encompass all of the events since last time.

Originally, I had imagined this blog would cover specifically the aspects of my work on the group project in Plone, but the focus of the class is shifting around a bit, and so now I will try and properly categorize each area.

What I Did:

Plone Project: I have formed a team with fellow classmate Shaina Bathke. We are co-workers as interns at 4imprint where we work with a team of web developers. In our time there, we have come to do some training as far as accessibility compliance, as this is a growing concern for the company for their massive e-commerce site. Because of this shared previous experience, we decided to explore creating an accessibility compliance checker for Plone content. It was one of the topic ideas suggested in a list from Plone expert Kim Nguyen, who has been in contact with this class for support purposes. Shaina and I set a time to hold weekly "stand-up" meetings where we will discuss three points: what we accomplished since the lab session on Wednesday, what we are planning to do between now and the the next session, and any challenges that may have arisen. The first of these will take place remotely on a Freenode chat Monday afternoon.

Individual Project: We will soon be starting a phase of the class in which we also work on a small individual project. A list of topics was presented, and I quickly opted to work with chapter 11 of the book - Making Your Own Image Filters. I will be working with Processing, a Java framework to which I have a tiny familiarity with. This is an interesting topic to me as I've previously worked with image manipulation in JavaScript with the HTML5 canvas tag. I also dabble with Photoshop for fun. I will post more about this project as immediate requirements come into view.

Etc: In class, we've been reading different articles about open source software and the processes built around it. It's interesting to see this alternative side of development, as opposed to the kinds of things we learned in Software Engineering 1 about adding more people to a project as deadlines approach. This week in lab we formed groups to go through an example GitHub workflow by making various kinds of pull requests to a "project maintainer." I learned the importance of forking a project and keeping it maintained. I also learned that writing efficient commit comments goes a long way when there are a sea of pull requests.

What Went Wrong:

The biggest problem I've had since the last entry was in the form of organization. I haven't been keeping track of the week's to-do lists as well as I had been initially. To counter this, I've made a simple text file checklist to get an overview of the class activities and requirements to this point. I am behind on the Plone training, and so I missed my goal from the last entry as far as that is concerned. Hopefully this means I won't forget another week's blog post too!

[This is where I would insert the screenshot of my checklist, but it doesn't seem to want me to insert any image at the moment. This is kind of a strange departure from the last two posts.]

What To Do:

For next week, I have to accomplish a few things. Firstly, Shaina and I will begin to start researching some of the different available accessibility compliance checkers. Whether or not we intend to use an API from one of these services (based on the licensing of course) or write our own parser (no thanks) has yet to be determined. There is another reading from a book on open source about bug-tracking that I must write a post about on the class discussion board. I also need to catch-up on the chapters of the Plone training I missed from week two. By the next post, the team also should have had our first stand-up meeting, and there will have been another lab activity on Wednesday.


As usual, more to come next Friday!

by Gerrits, Lucas J last modified Feb 24, 2017 10:35 PM
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