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Blog Entry for the Week Ending March 3

by Broadnax, Levi A. last modified Mar 03, 2017 11:57 PM

This week I dedicated my time into brainstorming, planning, and collaboration. My idea for expanding on the AOSA web-crawler is very cool, and I believe very useful: It will scrape a website for all of its’ images, and import them into a new Polymer-based website. I believe this will be a useful tool because of how dated most websites still are websites still are , and although it will not be able to automatically perfect a website to the level of professionalism given by actually configuring it on one’s own, the starting demographic is for art professional’s portfolios.

I was not familiar with Polymer before this week, but I have spent a good sum of time using AngularJS and Material Design, which are also Google-made web development tools. I went through a little the Polymer-CLI tutorial to modify some of their starting tutorials to get a hand on some of the intentional stylistic preferences by Google and found that I have a lot of learning to do. Web components libraries like Angular2 and Polymer are completely foreign to me and may limit the scope of what I can do with the web-scraper adaptation. Before next week I will spend a good deal of time working towards understanding the similarities between Polymer and what I already know.

With the help from Kim Nguyen, the Plone guru, we answered all of the questions we had about where to look for Plone source code, specifically event handlers and an API for handling user-specific data. Our team will meet Wednesday night to discuss our findings in the Plone documentation, and the badge collectives (also found in the attached doc). Until next time, Levi Broadnax

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