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Blog Entry for the Week Ending April 21

by Broadnax, Levi A. last modified Apr 22, 2017 12:00 AM

This week I managed to solve a problem that has been plaguing my group's gamification extension for Plone 5: Displaying achievements and badges. In our initial design phase we stated that we were going to fork an already working extension from Plone's collective, but unfortunately it was not already working.

Whenever someone would view a badge with their extension, it would completely break down and display to the user a stack trace of server side errors. This is the worst case scenario for any application, because it scares users and explains your vulnerabilities to attackers. The solution for the bug was to change default settings: By default, the badges extension did not allow for an image to be uploaded, and it was a single line of code being added to a configuration file that ended up being the solution.

Next week I will have completed the display of a custom SVG badge based on a Plone Badge that will follow the Plone's badge format they already have in place. This is for users to be able to add any badge name with any triggers, and not have to design their own custom badges.

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