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Blog Entry for the Week Ending April 14

by Broadnax, Levi A. last modified Apr 14, 2017 07:55 PM

This week I spent my time learning about the Zope HTML Templating system: Chameleon. At a high level it is very similar to any other HTML templating system like React, Angular, Mustache, or any of the other hundreds of HTML templating systems; but where it differs is its’ noisy syntax that confuses and annoys in otherwise easy-to-develop scenarios.


< a href=""
 tal:define="a_fine_url string:"
 tal:attributes="href a_fine_url"
 tal:content="string:A even better conference">
  A sharepoint conference
< /a>

Chameleon Result

A sharepoint conference


< a href="">
 A even better conference
< /a>

HTML Result:

A even better conference

So why exactly does such a boisterous system exist? Other templating systems exist that are more heavily supported in terms of both money and people like FaceBook's React or Google's Angular.

Chameleon is able to compile the METAL (Macro Expansion for Template Attribute Language) markup into Python byte code, making it upwards of 50% faster than standard HTML for Plone sites. This is imperative for any Plone extension to ensure said extension does not appear slow compared to the rest of a Plone site.

This week I will make an effort to finally understand openMRS in an effort to complete past labs that remain unresolved. The Burkeware OpenMRS data model will be where I start. I will have also resolved the issue that has been plaguing our gamification extension for Plone: Actually viewing accomplishments.

Until next time,

Levi Broadnax

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