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Blog Entry for the Week of March 17th

by Lefeber, Kristopher last modified Mar 17, 2017 11:06 PM
Pizza Factory Fun

Over spring break I plan to make headway in my personal project with continuous integration. Up until now I have been looking at ways to perform a git pull to bring in new code from the remote git server. My plan is to use the 'set upstream' command to save the remote location. This will allow me to not ask the user more than once for the remote. I hope to find some time within the next week to implement this.

This week's lab was spent understanding the factory design pattern. The task was to take a starter code that implemented the factory pattern for one case, and apply it to another case. Specifically, we had simple program that simulated the creation of a pizza. There were location, which had specific ingredients and pizzas that could be made. We had to create our own location, ingredient, and pizza and inject it into the program without changing the driver class. Following the ideology of the anti-if campaign, we used a properties file to load the location and pizza that we made. I see the use case for this in large software applications where one would not want to make any changes to the main program when adding small features.

by Lefeber, Kristopher last modified Mar 17, 2017 11:06 PM
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