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Blog Entry for the Week of March 10th

by Lefeber, Kristopher last modified Mar 10, 2017 08:08 PM
This project is maven me go crazy

Lab about maven

This weeks lab working with Maven was an example of trial and error until success was reached. I had previous experience running a tomcat server through Eclipse IDE, but had never done it through Maven. Running the commands in the order given gave unwanted results and error messages. After talking with others in the class I was able to get it up and running successfully.

Progress on group project

This week we spent the majority of our time in the group project on creating our proposal. Part of this process included making sure we knew what information we needed for the Google Charts graph, and what features would be able to add that would benefit a user the most and not be a burden on us(the developers). After reviewing Google's APIs, it was determined that we would be able to create a straight forward form that allows a user to make either a pie chart or bar chart. They will have options to update the chart later if need be, as well as select the colors they want to use. We believe that the majority of our project will be straight forward. The main questions we are still investigating is how we can extract data from a form.

Progress on individual project

The progress made on the individual project has been mostly exploratory. The project I am working on is a continuous integration platform written in python.  The project currently polls a local git repository and runs test cases when a change is found. My goal is to allow it to check against a remote repository as well and see if changes were made. It would then try to pull in those changes and run the tests. If a merge conflict is found it would notify the user. The goal of this is to prevent the local copy from getting out of sync with the remote master copy. In doing so, breaking changes will be detected immediately and can be fixed as soon as possible. In the upcoming week, I hope to look into how python can interact with a remote git repository and to further figure out where the current code needs to be changed.

by Lefeber, Kristopher last modified Mar 10, 2017 08:08 PM
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