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Blog Entry for the Week of February 24th

by Lefeber, Kristopher last modified Feb 24, 2017 07:57 PM
Tools of teamwork

This week was spent finalizing on the feature we would work on in Plone, as well as how we would use tools such as git/hub to bring the idea to fruition. The Plone feature we have chosen is a add-on the Plone.easyform module to allow it to output data into charts and graphs. Our plan is to save the data in the form and then change then use Javascript to render the data onto a webpage. We have looked into various ways on how this could be accomplished using different libraries, but will need to dig further into Plone to verify that it is possible with our current plan.

In class on Wednesday we looked into how Github can be used between various people to work on features of a product and bring them back together. The squash feature of Github is useful because it allows only the most important information on commits to be seen in the main project, but it still allows for the individual developer to continuously sync their code to the main repository. We ran into a few issues when trying to use the squash feature with merge conflicts, but after a bit of troubleshooting we were able to get the repository synced between the maintainer and other forks.

by Lefeber, Kristopher last modified Feb 24, 2017 07:57 PM
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