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Blog Entry for the Week of February 10th

by Lefeber, Kristopher last modified Feb 10, 2017 10:15 PM

The main goal of this week was to expand my knowledge in Plone. To accomplish that, I made my best attempt through Chapter 6 in the Plone Training Guide. I previously had minimal experience with Plone through a few web pages I previously 0maintained for a student organization on campus. The portions of the training material that dealt with creating web pages and folders were fairly straight-forward.

One area of the training guide that gave me issues was the mail server. After discussing with classmates, it appeared to be a common problem. I tried various remedies and workarounds without prevail. Luckily, when an email is sent out I am able to capture the printout in the command line. This may be enough of a fix for the purposes of this class as I am able to verify that emails are being triggered on events.

I do have a list of objectives that have to be met fairly shortly. One of them, the group project, is still being sorted out. After creating a group between Adam, Julia, and myself we brainstormed some ideas that we could implement in Plone. We are trying to find a project that will allow us to touch all aspects of Plone, that is the front-end GUI, middle-tier logic, and database, while still having a product that can be implemented in the given time frame.

My weekend project is to go through the training in Chapter's 7-13 of the Plone training. One topic that I find important in these sections is workflows, which seem like a unique feature of Plone that help separate it from other CMS's.

by Lefeber, Kristopher last modified Feb 10, 2017 10:15 PM
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