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Blog Entry for the Week of April 21st

by Lefeber, Kristopher last modified Apr 21, 2017 09:18 PM

This week we dove deeper into Object Relation Mapping with OpenMRS and started looking into Representation State Transfer.

We were tasked with finding a discrepancy between OpenMRS's data model and the hibernate configuration files in the source code. The first issue I noticed was between how an ActiveListAllergy's severity is represented. In the database, it is represented as an ENUM. Intuitively this makes sense because it could very well be possible that there is a finite number of states severity. The issue is that in the data model it states that it is a varchar, which can cause issues for programmers who think they can save any string.

During class on Wednesday we started talking about REST. From my personal experiences with nodejs and the express library, I was already quite familiar with how it works. In lab we learned how to interact with a server implementing a REST API with Postman. Postman allows a developer to test their REST services and validate that they are working. The REST server we were using was written using the Flask library in python. Many of ran into issues in the lab while trying to complete this assignment, but after a group discussion and a closer look at the output from the server, we were able to conclude that the issue was with how python was interpreting strings on Windows. After switching to Linux the lab was much easier to finish. We also dove into OpenMRS again and used their rest implementation to see if we were able to successfully query data. Despite the size of the program, after reading the documentation it was surprisingly easy to query for data as I did not run into any unusual string parsing issues like with python.

For our group project, I started implementing the interface that was needed for the chartdata adapter we are creating. This was modeled after the savedata adapter, which I am starting to get my head around. I'm still not sure how the javascript will fit into this, but that will be for tomorrow as the group will be spending a day in the lab.

by Lefeber, Kristopher last modified Apr 21, 2017 09:18 PM
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