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Blog Entry for Week Ending April 7

by O'Connell, Julianne last modified Apr 07, 2017 12:36 PM
More on OpenMRS

For this week we read "Biomedical Informatics" by Edward Shortliffe and James Cimino about aspects a good OpenMrs system offers. A few important aspects mentioned in the reading were amount of data shown, method of entering data, and decision support. To understand the reading more the class used a test OpenMRS site to learn and experience the importance of having many features to accommodate users such as patients and doctors. In lab the class had more practice with Spring's MVC design pattern. Similar to last week we had to alter java and jsp files to make data show on our OpenMRS servers that we created a few weeks ago. This week I had conflicting priorities so I was unable to do much work towards my group project.

Obstacles I faced this week were mainly in the lab. For the reading though I didn't have problems, just more confusion because I don't understand medical systems at all and how they should work. In lab I had trouble at first running the server again.To fix I found I had to run the command that ensures I'm using the correct java version.

What I learned was how OpenMRS works with java and jsp files. While looking at beans I found OpenMRS APIs which I used to look at all the service options. Also with the reading slightly learned more about the purpose of OpenMRS and how it is used in organizations.

Goals are unclear. As stated above conflicts with priorities disabled me from contributing much of anything towards my group this week. A vague goal is do what I can do to move forward with my team, whether it's look at more code or build code. I need to talk to my group to get a clear stance on where we all are on the project.

by O'Connell, Julianne last modified Apr 07, 2017 12:36 PM
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