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Blog entry for week ending March 31

by Thiele, Jessica last modified Apr 02, 2017 09:39 AM
Group/ Individual projects

Since my last blog entry i read "GUI Architectures" by Martin Fowler which talked about MVC patterns, flow synchronization and observer synchronization. Then in the lab on Wednesday we did an activity involving the MVC design pattern. I personally like using the MVC design pattern because it helps split things up nicely while still keeping it clear as to what is where and what is doing what. The only obstacle that I ran into with the lab was figuring out what files I needed to me edited.

Since my last blog entry I also finished my my individual project. One obstacle that I had was that I was unable to debug in the console, so I had to use console.log's all over the code to see what was going on and to see where I needed to add my implementation on sum. But unltimetely I was expecting to run into more problems that I actually did. While I was working on the individual project I kept a log of everything that I did and I am going to use that to write up my paper  on my individual project this weekend.

Before my next blog entry I plan on reading the chapter by Edward Shortliffe and James Climino and answering the discussion question. And also doing the openMRS activity that goes along witht he reading. Next week me and my group also plan on getting together and getting a good start to our group project, which Kim gave us some very helpful information on.

by Thiele, Jessica last modified Apr 02, 2017 09:39 AM
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