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Blog entry for week ending March 3

by Thiele, Jessica last modified Mar 03, 2017 05:48 PM
Starting individual and team project

Since my last blog entry I read "Producing Open Source Software" by Karl Fogel's. This article helped tie the activity we did in lab last Wednesday to a real world situation. It was interesting for me to see how open source projects deal with bugs. This week we also learned about Maven and did a lab activity on it. I am interested to see what else we are going to do with Maven in this class.

This week I picked out my individual project, I decided to do the spreadsheet project because I have had a lot of experience with spread sheets and I was able to think of a few things that could be added to it. Ultimately I think that I want to implement the function sum because that is something I use a lot when working with spread sheets. One challenge I came across was that Julia had also picked spreadsheet for her project. After talking to her about what her ideas and my ideas were she said she implementing the sum function didn't interest her very much. So I know that there will not be any conflicts with us doing the same thing on the individual project.

This week my group looked more into how to make themes for Plone. We actually found a few really good sources that explained some of the things that need to be done. Kim helped us understand where to start on the group project and helped us get our heads wrapped around it. He even gave us a good website to look at for theme ideas, which is going to be very helpful. This week I hope to play around with themes in Plone. I plan on this being a bit confusing or difficult because I have never done anything with themes.

Before my next blog entry I plan on reading the article  "Continuous Integration" by Martin Fowler and answer the discussion question. I looked into the code behind spreadsheet a little bit, but not enough to understand it, so next week I would like to look at that a little bit more. I would also like to start keeping a log of what I do for this individual project to make writing my report on it a little bit easier.

by Thiele, Jessica last modified Mar 03, 2017 05:48 PM
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