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Blog entry for week ending March 10

by Thiele, Jessica last modified Mar 10, 2017 03:55 PM
More with Maven and individual project

Since my last blog entry I read Martin Fowler's article "Continuous Integration" and then read how Plone and OpenMRS do their continuous integration. I had a hard time finding a difference between the way that Plone and OpenMRS do there continuous integration. This week in the lab we did more with Maven. We set up an OpenMRS server and created a module. I had a lot of problems with this lab. I think in the end the big problem was that I ran an update when it was not needed. The first problem that I ran into was when I was setting up the server the very last question asked me what version of Java I wanted, but when I selected the version it said that it was not found. After making sure that I had done the export Java 8 correctly and ran the setup, I started setting up a new server. This time I was only able to get up to the question that asked what version I wanted to use. After this Professor Naps started helping me. He deleted the Repository for maven. Then I started over again. I ran the setup, made sure that I was using Java 8 and unfortunately I also ran the update again. However this time I was able to get through all the steps of setting up the server and I was able to create a project. However, when I ran the server I got a whole bunch of errors. At this point Professor Naps found that my server was not able to find my project or my project was unable to find the server, I can't remember which one. Then Matthew Springer came over to help and a few other students offered some ideas. After looking through the project and server for a while without finding anything new, Professor Naps deleted the repository again. Again I went through the steps of making sure I was using Java 8 and setting up the server, but this time I did not run the update because Matt said that he didn't do that. This time I was able to setup the server, create a project and run my server without any problems. But after all that I think I will remember how to set up the server when I set it up on my home computer. And if I run into problems I know that a few other students have already setup there server on windows and they may be able to help me.

For my individual project this past week I downloaded the code and tried to run it. I figured out that you can't run it in google without doing something special. But when I ran it in firefox the contents of the cells only appeared if that cell was selected. I asked Julia if she had the same problem. She did and she figured out that she could run it on Cloud 9. This week I plan on getting the spreadsheet code into Cloud 9 and looking at it some more to figure out what I need to change.

Before my next blog entry I plan on watching the OpenMRS Google tech talk by Paul Biondich. I also plan on reading "5 Reasons Every Developer Should Contribute to OpenMRS" by Shruthi Pitta and answer the discussion question. This week for the group project we started writing up our project proposal. We will finish writing this early next week.

by Thiele, Jessica last modified Mar 10, 2017 03:55 PM
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