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Blog Entry for the Week Ending March 17th

by Hilgendorf, Grady last modified Mar 31, 2017 07:49 PM
A re-cap of things that I did during this week, problems I have run into, and what I plan to accomplish before the next post. Week 1: March 13th - March 17th.

Class Progress

Factories code

Tihs week we worked on how to program in a factory style, making the code accessible to the client through certain calls of the main set of code. This mainly focused on making a new "store" and adding an object for the store to sell. The main goal of this activity was to program in a boxed way, where the client would be able to access a general class and not the factories that held all of the important code for the stores. I some issues with this on my personal computer, not having ant or maven installed on it, but after installing and adding both, I completed the activity with little difficulty.

Team Project

As a team, we have officially given roles to the group members and laid out what the project will do on the consumer level. As we were talking about roles, I volunteered to be the expert on Python and help my teammate with any python code he is making. The other members of my team are going to focus on the pyinstaller, which is mostly in python, and the other is our own windows expert, who will be working on windows. I also volunteered to look into add-ons as a side project to add, if I can find the time.

Individual Project

Now knowing how Ruby as a language works and looking back at the code for the pedometer, I can see the difficulty of the specific program. It starts out with raw data and turns it into a smooth graph depicting every step the owner of the device made during the time period the program ran. I know for a fact that stairs are a verticle acceleration more than a horizontal acceleration but I didn't expect that it only calculates each step through a series of triple bounces.

Goal for Next week

My group ironed out what we need for the project and has given roles to each member who will focus on learning those elements to the best of our abilities. There is also an article that our supervisor wants us to read before our next class meeting after our week off. I still expect issues with Ruby but I have started to make a small edit to my own fork in the Pedometer code. It isn't much at this point but It will make its way into a great function.

Signing off for this week to take a small break before I forge my way through the individual project that is due shortly after this break.

Grady Hilgendorf

March 17th, 2017 8:05 PM

by Hilgendorf, Grady last modified Mar 31, 2017 07:49 PM
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