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The Week Ending March 31

by Lewis, Cory last modified Mar 31, 2017 10:09 AM

So, I did quite a bit since my last blog two weeks ago. Over Spring break I started and finished my individual project. My project was taking a simple 3D Modeler and adding extra shapes that didn't exist. The original shapes that were in it were a Cube, a Sphere, and a Snowman - which demonstrated how to use existing shapes to create something else. I decided to add several more basic shapes and one more combination figure. The shapes I added was: a Square-Based Pyramid, a Triangle-Based Pyramid, a Cylinder, and a Cone. The figure I added was an Ice-Cream Cone. In addition, I added two more colors to the list that came with it since there were no shades of brown - and I needed them to make the cone and a chocolate scoop of ice-cream!

Even though I finished it in a week, it wasn't a project without problems. Some of the issues I encountered were: identifying the glitch that prevented triangles from rendering properly, how to get a top and bottom base on a cylinder, figuring out the appropriate RGB combination that would get me the desired shade of brown, and more. I managed to solve each one after some experimentation and a little research. The triangle glitch was a line of code that enabled a performance enhancing feature in OpenGL that can cause rendering issues for triangles - but not other shapes. The solution was to disable that feature. Getting a top/bottom base on a cylinder proved tricky, I tried simply flipping it after adding the first one and then adding the second, but that didn't work. I eventually realized that I needed to add the first base, then add it to some matrix, then flip it, then pop it off the matrix, and finally add the final base. The RGB colors were a little interesting. I managed to find a chart online that had the all the RGB colors listed - along with the decimal values I would need to use in my code - and while I found a tan color on there for my cone, none of the other browns looked good for a chocolate ice-cream scoop. I finally chose the closest one and started adjusting the values until I found the one I wanted. It was hard work, but kind of fun at the same time.

This week in lab we played with a Jetty server and expanded a little mock product creator that. The product creator had fields for its name, description, and a price. Our job was to go in and add a field for a supplier. I encountered a couple of issues. One of them was a simple typo that I had to find. The other was that I forgot to perform a rebuild of the project after I had added my new code - which resulted in my new field not appearing when I when to localhost:8080. Other than that It was a pretty simple lab that demonstrated the MVC pattern pretty well and in a way that I understood.

I haven't done much yet with my team project, although I finally cloned the repository into my Plone instance and activated the add-on in Plone. So for what we currently have, it works. It'll be interesting to see what it looks like when we are finished.

By next week, I want to be able to start modeling a skeleton of my part of the project. To do that I will need to refresh myself on my part as well as the code base we have so I know what I need to modify.

by Lewis, Cory last modified Mar 31, 2017 10:09 AM
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