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The Week Ending March 3

by Lewis, Cory last modified Mar 03, 2017 11:17 AM

This week my team (Levi, Cooper, and I) held our first stand up meeting where we discussed our idea of adding badges to Plone that would be given to users for stuff like "You made your first page" or "You made x number of pages" and similar stuff like that. We searched through the Plone source code and found some documentation in there, as well as on their main site, that will really come in handy. On Wednesday we discussed some questions with Kim that we had regarding our project and he gave us a lot of tips that will really come in handy moving forward. A couple of the questions were "How would we retrieve user-specific data?" and "How would we add triggers?" Kim answered these and more.

Also, on Wednesday we played with Maven a little bit. Maven is a build automation tool for Java. We learned how to run a complete set of test suites from the command line.

Thursday I had a strange issue with my VMWare. I opened VMWare and it had forgotten my VM. I tried to find it manually, but couldn't; so I had to reimport the Ova file, which meant that I had to go through the process of installing Plone on it again and going through chapters 6 and 13 of the Plone Training. I also had to reclone the 500 Lines repository and reinstall all the software needed to run the 3D Modeler. Not sure what happened, hopefully it doesn't happen again.

This week I also forked the repository that I need for my individual project and cloned it onto my VM. According to the README, I needed Python 2.7 (which was already installed on the VM), I needed PyOpenGL (which I installed using pip from the command line - although I needed to install pip first), and Numpy ( which I also installed using pip). However, when I tried running the driver class, it just gave me an error insisting that I was calling a null function. I dug into the folders and looked at a requirements doc that listed numpy, pyopengl, and something else called wsgiref - no idea what it is. So installed that using pip and it still wouldn't work. I went back to the 500 Lines book and read the chapter that I'm working on. It said I would need everything that I already installed plus GLUT, however, it also said that GLUT comes bundled with OpenGL - or at least implied that. I decided to try and install GLUT as a separate program since the error was a GLUT function. So I installed GLUT, executed the Modeler and it worked! Now I can complete my description of how I want to extend it.

This week I will be thinking a lot more about how to implement the extension and will also be going through all the Plone training chapters, Plone API, and studying specific folders on GitHub that are related to what my team project is all about.

by Lewis, Cory last modified Mar 03, 2017 11:17 AM
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