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The Week Ending February 10

by Lewis, Cory last modified Feb 10, 2017 07:55 PM

I have done quite a bit since my last entry. I went through chapter 6 of the Mastering Plone training guide and learned how to create a Plone website, how to edit the title and content of a page, how to add and delete folders, how to add and remove users and groups on the site and how to configure a mail server. I also learned how to change the port number for the site. All of that was fairly simple; however, when I attempted to access my site from my host machine, I could not. It didn't make any sense, I was doing exactly what I was told "Use the command 'ip addr show' in the VM to find the IP Address for the VM and aim a browser on the host machine to that plus ':8080/Plone.'" I could do that with the VM and get results, but not with my host machine. I wasn't the only one with this problem as it turned out; it was suggested that Ubuntu's firewall was the problem so everyone was told to enter these commands:

  • sudo ufw allow 8080
  • sudo ufw disable
  • sudo ufw enable

This fixed the problem for some of the others, but not for me, I still couldn't access it. After doing some research I found a fix: Port Forwarding. I had to configure my VM's network to connect to my host machine over the port 8080. After that, I had to get my host machine's IP Address, type that into my browser and add ':8080/Plone.' After all that it worked.

I was planning on finishing Chapter 13 of the Plone Training Manuel, but I am currently unable to do so because for some reason I abruptly lost my internet connection on Ubuntu. I have yet to figure out what happened and how to fix it. By next week I hope to have it resolved and to have completed Chapter 13.

by Lewis, Cory last modified Feb 10, 2017 07:55 PM
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