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The Week Ending April 21

by Lewis, Cory last modified Apr 21, 2017 12:43 PM

This has been another slow week for me. On Wednesday in lab, we got to play with the REST architecture by using Flask inside Virtualenv. We sent requests to the server via Postman using JSON syntax. We logged in, changed our password, added users, logged in with the new users, and deleted a user. After that, we did the same thing, but with our openmrs servers that we have been working on. It wasn't terribly difficult. I initially had some issues figuring out how to use Postman, but once another student, Grady, explained it to me, I was able to figure the rest out from there.

This week I also pulled the latest changes for our team project for the sake of testing it out and see how it works. As I was testing it, I got an error saying that a variable had not been defined. I checked the file in question and found that to be the case. It was not a file I was familiar with since Cooper had written it, so when I couldn't figure out what that variable was supposed to be, I messaged him and told him about it. He checked it and was able to fix it. I pulled his fix and was able to play around with it some more. It isn't finished yet, we still have to set up how and where exactly we display the badges, levels, and experience points for each individual user. After that, we should be done.

This week on Wednesday evening, Cooper, Levi, and I will all be working to implement these last changes. We may not get everything done, but we should be able to get a lot of it done.

by Lewis, Cory last modified Apr 21, 2017 12:43 PM
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