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Blog Entry for Week Ending April 7

by Walbrun, Cooper last modified Apr 07, 2017 06:11 PM

This week, I became entrenched in my group project's source code. I have spent the whole week troubleshooting an error we encountered involving badge displays (called views in Plone), and I have gotten almost nowhere. On the bright side, I am learning a lot of things about Plone and throughout my Google and GItHub adventures I have coincidentally learned things that will help build our add-on. Such things include references to documentation that I did not know existed previously, and knowledge of some of Plone's methods that deliver exactly the kinds of features we are looking for. once it's working. I have made a post on the collective.badge repository (the repository from which our source code comes), hoping David Glick, its maintainer, will see our issue and have some suggestions for solving it. For now, I have moved onto some other things in the project with Cory's help.

Cory and I finally dove into his database component of the project, and it actually turned out to be simple to do what we need to for the purposes of our badge-awarding triggers. The difficulty came when we tried to write test methods for Cory's database-querying methods. Our continuous integration host, Travis, has outputted numerous errors related to our imports in our new test file, and after resolving those, we found out that the test method we wrote (whose logic is almost identical to the original test logic written by David) were failling. At the time of writing this blog post, Cory and I are in the midst of troubleshooting the failed tests, while I work on solving the badge view dilemma and Cory works on writing more methods in his database-querying library. Pretty soon, I will be able to shift focus to the main part of our add-on: the triggers and experience, level, and badge awarding components. Until this week with Cory, all of our coding and bug-fixing has been in an effort to get the source code up-and-running (as it was). It feels grand to be doing some actual developing, rather than investigating obscure error messages. I will say this: I cannot wait to see what the solution to the badge view problem is, as that has been the longest-lasting and most elusive of our bugs.

Anyways, the coming week(s) will involve a lot more proliferation. I will create new classes for our add-on that offer new features as well as test them. I will also make these changes "connect" with Plone through our global configuration system (configure.zcml). After this "connection" is established and buildout is run, our add-on will be able to save its custom content to the database (e.g. levels, experience). Hopefully Levi will be able to also start his components (though his part is contingent on the view bug being resolved), so combined we actually start to see a different user interface of badges and new ways to "unlock" them. Some of this is still weeks away, but our expectations are high and our spirit is higher!

by Walbrun, Cooper last modified Apr 07, 2017 06:11 PM
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