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Blog Entry for Week Ending March 10

by Walbrun, Cooper last modified Mar 10, 2017 07:15 PM

This week, I cloned the repository for my group project's starting code at collective.badge. I wanted to rename the project to distinguish it from the collective version, so I renamed it to "badges". This caused many difficulties with running Plone's buildout, and when those were sorted out, I was unable to add our source code as an add-on through Plone's web interface. It took a LOT of researching and trial-and-error (about 6 hours) to determine how to configure the source code to be loaded into Plone as an egg. This process was also complicated by the fact that I restructured the project's source code to remove what were, in my opinion, extraneous directories. Naturally, this required me to change references in imports throughout the project, and seeking them out was a learning process in its own right. After all this, I am much more informed and comfortable with the function of the, configure.zcml, and files in Plone add-ons' source code; I had to modify a total of 3 classes and 4 sheets of documentation in order to make my changes valid and allow the add-on to be installed properly in Plone. I have written a compact installation guide and development tip in the project's README.rst so future developers (including those in my own group) don't have to go through what I did to get things working correctly.

Additionally, after uploading the project's source to my group's GitHub repository, I converted the information we have been keeping track of in our Resource Hub into a series of Wiki pages (so that anyone looking at our project has the same information available as us). Furthermore, since Levi, Cory, and myself fleshed out our official Project Proposal for our Gamification idea on Wednesday, I have also made several Project entries in the GitHub, highlighting important components. I have tried to categorize the components of said projects corresponding to the members of our group's roles. I will be in charge of processing event triggers for awarding badges, Levi will be in charge of modifying the badge add-on's web precense, and Cory will be in charge of interacting with the Zope database.

As of yet, my group still has a tiny portion of the Project Proposal to write up, but for the most part we are on top of things. For the coming week, besides finishing the proposal, I aim to get a good start on my individual project involving statistical sampling, in which I will be designing a GUI for the existing source code to streamline interactions with it. I have set up a document in which I will be tracking my progress for the project and the problems I encounter while developing it (there will undoubtedly be a few). I have given Plone's Event documentation a good look already, as it will be my handbook for figuring out how to award badges for certain events within Plone's web environment, but I would like to read more about the Zope database/storing user-related information. I know where to find the relevant documents thanks to the Wiki I wrote, I just need to sit down and really study them, because part of my task in the project is implementing an experience and leveling system for users for the purpose of "gamifying" Plone.

by Walbrun, Cooper last modified Mar 10, 2017 07:15 PM
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