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This interim study abroad trip to Tanzania focused on gender, social justice and communication-related issues in the Kilimanjaro region of Northern Tanzania. We visited village schools, a hospital, coffee cooperative, women’s dairy cooperative, women’s centre (where women learn skills and trades), and KIWAUKUKKI (an HIV/AIDS activist organization). We also stayed at Pete and Charlotte O’Neal’s United African Alliance Community Centre, where we learned a traditional Tanzanian dance. And finally, we had the opportunity to hike up part of Mt. Kilimanjaro and go on a safari in the Ngorongoro Crater!
This study abroad experience is often a cross listed course where students can sign up for credit in either Communication Studies or a Women’s Studies course, both of which are upper level electives for three credits.

Student, Faculty and Staff Experiences

“I believe the most significant memories I have involve the people I met and the relationships that were formed. I built friendships both with the students on the trip and also with the people of Tanzania– especially our bus drivers!” – Erin Heimerl


“Everyone was so gracious wherever we visited. I have never felt more welcome when I was so far away from home!” – Sam Treutel


“To be honest, the thing I remember most is the incredible group we had and how much fun we had together in a place so far from home and unknown to us. I believe we all really embraced the trip and all the great experiences it provided. Another thing I remember most is the general happiness and kindness of the Tanzanian people and their joy for life. I think that really rubbed off on us during our time there and continued to do so when we came back home.”


“Of course I remember all the great journeys we took, like hiking Kilimanjaro, the Safari, KIWAKUKKI, Pete O’Neil’s, visiting the Masai, the bus rides with Oscar and Jesse, visiting the kids at school (which was probably my favorite part of the trip), to name a few, but the thing I definitely remember most is the fun we had just hanging out in Tanzania together. We didn’t let many moments go to waste. I would recommend the trip because it’s the best one out there! But really, it was my first time abroad and my outlook on life changed just by being in Tanzania for 2 1/2 weeks. It’s hard to put into words but I would probably say it’s been the greatest experience of my life so far. I enjoyed my time so much there and became a better person because of it. I could have stayed much longer.” – Nick Nugent 


“How my outlook changed: I went there with an expectation of utopia, and realized that nothing is as simple as we try to make it. I learned that one can never understand anything in entirety and nothing is determined, so now I have a constant thirst for gaining as many perspectives as possible.” – Robyn Anderson


“Being surrounded by a culture different from your own is an experience I believe everyone should have in their lifetime. I learned so much from the people we met, the stories they told, and the experiences we had.” – Erin Heimerl 


“Everyone we met was so genuine and made us feel very welcome. The children are beautiful! Even though the citizens of Tanzania are living in poverty, they are still very happy people! [It was] not what I was expecting. [It] makes me grateful for everything that I have in my life.” – Christina Miller