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Communication Studies is a broad degree that can lead to job opportunities in many different fields, such as public relations/advertising, business, media, non-profit, and government. Skills and experiences gained through co-curricular activities, internships, part-time jobs, and volunteering are essential for preparing you to be the best candidate for the most fulfilling job after graduation.

What can you do with a communication studies degree?

As a communication studies major, you have a competitive advantage. A degree in communication studies prepares you for a wide range of occupations and offers a skill set that employers are demanding more than all others: the ability to communicate effectively.

According to a 2010 American Management Association critical skills survey, effective communication- the ability to synthesize and convey ideas in written and verbal form- is one of the most important skills to have for a long and successful career.  

Career Options

Multiple Options

In today’s job market, effective communication skills have never been more important. According to an American Management Association 2010 Critical Skills Survey, effective communication — the ability to synthesize and convey ideas in written and verbal form — is one of the most important skills to have for a long and successful career. Some graduates with a communication studies major enroll in graduate school or law school, while others pursue careers in:

Corporate TrainingLobbying
Human resourcesLaw
Speech writingAdvertising
Media relationsPublic relations
Corporate mediationNonprofit agencies (e.g., Peace Corps and Americorps)

The job market is in high demand of employees who have proficient and superior communication skills, including:

  • effective communication in both written and oral forms,
  • working well in groups and teams,
  • public speaking, and
  • conflict resolution.
Potential Career Areas:Graduates have pursued careers as:
BusinessHuman Resources Professionals
Public RelationsPolitical Campaign Strategists
Non-ProfitSales Professionals
LawHuman Services Professionals
EducationMotivational Speakers
Media Professionals
Peace Corps Volunteers

Strategies to get the job you want

  • Develop strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Demonstrate excellent interpersonal skills
  • Learn to work well on a team
  • Join related professional organizations
  • Gain experience through internships, part-time or summer jobs
  • Develop computer skills
  • Develop a portfolio of writing samples, ad campaigns, and other relevant work

Additional Career Information