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UW Oshkosh Communication Studies
Phone: (920) 424-4427
Location: Arts & Communication
Center, Room S123/S127

About Communication Studies

We are excited to present you with the information you need to learn more about communication studies majors and minors. The Communication Studies Program is best known for its relevant and future career-enhancing courses with professors from all around the country and abroad.

Areas of Study

Working with an advisor, students can design their major to be a communication generalist or concentrate their studies in one of the following areas:

Communication and Human Relationships (Interpersonal Communication)
This area focuses on personal relationships and face-to-face interaction. Courses are aligned with careers related to social services, and human development across the life span, from childhood through old age.

Communication and Organizations (Organizational Communication)
This area examines how organizations function and the ways organizational members make sense of their experiences. Coursework in this area provides a foundation for careers in for-profit and nonprofit organizations, public relations and management.

Rhetoric and Public Advocacy
Rhetoric and public advocacy focuses on persuasion, debate and the development and analysis of public messages. This area is particularly applicable to careers emphasizing public speaking and persuasion, such as attorneys, speech writers, media relations, specialists, fundraisers and lobbyists.

Communication Studies Department Meetings

To view upcoming meetings please visit the university campus open meetings calendar