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Frequently Asked Questions for Tk20

NEW STUFF HERE You can purchase Tk20 for a one time payment of $113.25. Your account will be active for seven years after the activation date. To purchase your Tk20 account, go to: 

Your Tk20 account will remain active for seven years after the account activation date.

No, artifacts will not transfer from Foliotek. If you need any articles from Foliotek, it is recommended that you download those artifacts and save them on your desktop. Tk20 will not transfer the files, and we're not requiring you to transfer any of the files to Tk20 either.

Make sure you are entering your full UW Oshkosh email address as your username. If you have NEVER logged in to Tk20 before, your password is your 7 digit student ID number (without the W). If you have logged in in the past, that means you have changed your password. When you are trying to recover your forgotten password, Tk20 might say email not on file. If this is the case, please contact to reset your password.

Sometimes Tk20 sends out automatic messages with certain projects that go out with mid semester reminders. If you would like to get rid of messages off of your home screen, click on the Home tab and then the Messages tab. You can check off messages and delete them or file them under read.

When you see red flags next to anything, that means that is something you need to complete. Keep in mind, when you save course based assignments but do not actually submit them, the flag disappears even though you technically have not submitted that assignment.

When you receive your field experience binder in your Tk20 account, Tk20 will automatically email your cooperating teacher(s) a message that includes a direct link to your binder evaluation forms. If your cooperating teacher didn’t recieve this link, or needs it resent, please have them contact to have the link resent. Your CT will NOT log in through your account, they will have their own tied to your binder.

Tk20 works well with Google Chrome and Mozilla. Please do NOT use Internet Explorer as some things do not work in that browser.

It is not recommended to use a phone or tablet device for Tk20. Although it will work for some aspects, it won’t work for every functionality.

The red exclamation point next to a message at the top of your home screen is a message with high importance. Sometimes reminders are sent out with projects that go to all students who have that project, regardless if you have submitted it or not. If you would like to get rid of messages off of your home screen, click on the Home tab and then the Messages tab. You can check off messages and delete them or file them under read;. You can also send messages through this as well by clicking on Compose Message tab.

Some files might be too large for the embedded viewer. If you are uploading a paper that needs comments and the PDF file is too large, try saving the file as a word document. If the file does not require comments, you can click to continue with the upload for any file/ file size. It will still be available for your assessor to download to view.

First, make sure the project you are working in has not been submitted. If you have accidentally submitted it, contact your evaluator or to send your project back to you. If that is not the case, make sure you are using google chrome or Mozilla browser and that your internet connect is working. If you are still have issues, contact

When you upload a file, you must wait until it says Upload Success before you click Add; at the bottom of the artifact form. If you add it before it’s finished uploading, the link will appear, but it will be empty. We ask that you check your artifacts you add to make sure everything loaded properly. Just as a note, the larger the file, the longer the upload takes.

Once you upload your artifact into your binder or portfolio, we recommend that you check it, especially if that artifact had you upload a file. To check it, click on the blue link that appears once you add that artifact you are working with. As a reminder, for any file uploads please wait until it says Upload Success before you click to add.

If you submit your portfolio or binder before you mean to, you are able to recall it if no evaluations have been started on it. To recall it, click on the tab you need (Portfolio or Field Experience tab). Find your portfolio or binder you need to recall. Check the box next to it. Once you check it, a gray box should darken above it with a circle arrow in it. This is the recall button. Click the button to pull your project out of submission to edit it. If you can not recall it, contact your evaluator or and we can send it back to you and open it for editing.

Tk20 setup is different to previous programs used. As soon as you are 100% complete with your binder or portfolio, you can submit it. You do not have to wait for your cooperating teacher or supervisor to upload their evaluations.

In Tk20 we set up your binder and portfolio to your cooperating teacher(s) and your supervisor(s) or evaluator(s). Your cooperating teacher(s) receive a link to evaluate your binder in their school email address when you receive your binder. Your supervisor(s) will automatically have you on their list as well to evaluate. You will not have to do anything to connect them to your work. They have that associated with their own accounts.

When you have uploaded a file for a course based assignment, you must check the file to make sure it is correct. Once you are complete with the assignment requirements, you must click the green Submit button. If you don’t click Submit, even though you uploaded the file and saved it, your instructor/ assessor will not receive/ see your assignment to check off and evaluate.

To see what file types and sizes are accepted in Tk20 and also how to use Handbreak, please follow the directions listed on the Tk20 helpdesk here: For additional resources on how to compress and trim your video, here are video webinars with further information.

Typically you will not have to upload the graded paper since there will be an additional rubric attached to that project in Tk20. Please go by the instructions from your course instructor though if they ask you to upload a graded copy.

To see your assessments when your university supervisor and cooperating teacher are complete, click on the Assessment tab in your binder or portfolio. Tk20 captures saved work that is not complete, please keep that in mind as you are checking as your supervisor/ cooperating teacher may not have finalized their comments or ratings.

Tk20 has a great help desk if you are looking for additional support. When you are logged in and working on something you need assistance with, click on the Help button in the upper right hand corner. It will take you to the help desk where there are articles with step-by-step directions and screenshots that could help you along.

What if I experience problems with Tk20?

Please contact Michelle Peplow at  or (920) 424-7044 with any issues. 

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