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Teacher in Residency Program


Teacher in Residency Program

The Teacher in Residency (TIR) is a program that offers a true immersion experience in public school teaching. Highly qualified teacher candidates are interviewed by the districts prior to placement in elementary, middle or high schools.  They are paired with master teachers and, when feasible, set up in a cohort group which is managed to maximize professional development and dialogue.

The program promotes intensive practice teaching experience (full semester placements) while incorporating frequent opportunities for reflective dialogue with teachers, administrators and peers regarding best practices.  Co-teaching training is a special feature of the TIR programs.  This model encourages "day-one" engagement in planning, instruction and assessment. 

Teacher candidates begin their 18-week placements before the official first day of school, and engage in all activities and instruction assigned to their cooperating teacher. In addition, they have opportunities for compensated school duties, such as recess and lunch supervision, and opportunities to interact in other classrooms to experience other content or developmental areas.  

The teacher candidates are mentored not only by a cooperating teacher and university supervisor, but in some cases by department chairs and school administrators.  Some TIR programs also include additional coaching / mentoring provided by a coordinator whose role is to observe, critique and advise each student throughout the semester.  Evaluations similar to those of a first year teacher may be offered.

Each TIR offered in partnership with the college have unique features to provide a variety of exciting opportunities for UW Oshkosh teacher candidates. 


  • General Education Candidates
  • Fall Semester

“The TIR program presents teacher candidates with a rich, in-depth classroom experience and an opportunity to become an integral part of the professional staff in the school,” Petesch said. “This unique program is a wonderful opportunity for student teachers to become quickly and firmly entrenched in the art and science of classroom teaching and to become personally and professionally invested in the school building community.”

“Our hope is that students gain a better understanding of all the demands of the profession, and thus are better prepared when they have a classroom of their own,” said Greg Hartjes, principal at Appleton West High School, who had a hand in developing the TIR program. 

“The job of a teacher is much more than just presenting material to students in the classroom setting. Teachers spend time developing curriculum, supervising the commons or other area of school, tutoring students, contacting parents, etc.,” Greg Hartjes.

ArtsCore - Appleton (Badger Elem) and Oshkosh (Merrill MS)

  • Arts integration program - available to most majors
  • Fall and Spring


  • Dual Education Candidates 
  • Fall and Spring 

In gathering feedback from both the student teachers and the cooperating teachers in the TIR program, Scheuerman said that all feel the program is well worth the extra time and effort and prepares the candidates to step into the role of new teacher with confidence.

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