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Service Region

UW Oshkosh Service Region

Map of Wisconsin showing the Field Experience Service region The COEHS Field Experience Service Region is defined by a large C-shaped area around Lake Winnebago, which includes 33 school districts and more than 190 schools, some of which are the best in the state. Students within the Professional Education Program at UW Oshkosh will be assigned to field placements within this region.


Exceptions to the COEHS field experience service region policy include:

  • Approved Internships
  • Pre-approved Urban or Tribal setting
  • On-the-job student teaching (graduate students)
  • Designated bilingual placement
  • Personal extenuating circumstances such as health issues or spouse/domestic partner job relocation (requires department approval and an additional application found in N/E 113)

Out-of-Area Requests

All COEHS program students requesting placement outside of the designated service region will be required to submit a separate application to the respective department(s) via the Office of Field Experiences and, if approved, pay an out-of-area fee. This charge is assessed to offset the supervision and travel budget for the Office of Field Experiences; $750/semester for undergraduate and graduate students. For graduate students who are in on-the-job student teaching, the amount will be $375.

Students requesting an Out-of-Area student teaching placement must have one of the two extenuating circumstances: 

1) Personal health issues needing a particular clinic/doctor/service

2) Spouse/ domestic partner job relocation

Request for Out-of-Area placement based on financial or employment considerations are routinely denied. Out-of-Area state placements will not be supported. 


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