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“Teaching is a team sport. That means we can’t just row on our own. We need to row together in the direction of something bigger. I have to talk to you, I have to learn from you, I have to listen to you, I have to say difficult truths to you at times, and you to me."                             

Rebecca Mieliwock, 2012 National Teacher of the Year




Co-teaching is:

  • an attitude of sharing the classroom and students.
  • two teachers (teacher candidate and cooperating
    teacher) working together with groups of students.
  • sharing the planning, organization, delivery, and
    assessment of instruction, as well as the physical
    space (Bacharach, Heck & Dank, 2004).

Co-teaching is not:

  • one person teaching one subject followed by another
    who teaches a different subject.
  • one person teaching one subject while another person
    prepares instructional materials, corrects papers or just
  • the assignment of someone to act as a tutor.



The training is designed to introduce teacher candidates (TCs) and their cooperating teachers (CTs) to a fundamental understanding of co-teaching in a student teaching placement as well as to enhance the development of a positive co-teaching partnership. Generally, it takes 1.5-2 hours to review/complete the workshop materials and an additional 30 minutes for partner activities.

This training involves exploration of four components of co-teaching and provides both required and optional activities - some which need to be completed with your co-teacher. Training is to be completed by the co-teaching pair (CT and TC) prior to or within the first two weeks of a student teaching placement.



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