Initial Teacher Licensure

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Initial Teacher Licensure

Initial Teacher Licensure

To become a licensed teacher, undergraduate students start their journey with the Teacher Education Program. Our program guides students through their teacher education journey, from application through student teaching, ensuring program and state licensure requirements are met. This is accomplished by monitoring student progress through a system of Gateways. This approach permits faculty, staff, and students to track student progress and learning throughout the Education Preparation Program.

Complete list of College of Education and Human Services Undergraduate Teacher Licensures


Gateway 1: Admission to the College of Education and Human services.  This gateway may be completed through our Direct Admission or Education Scholars programs for incoming freshmen and transfer students or through our standard admissions process when students complete 28 credits.

Gateway 2: Admission to Licensure / Transition to Faculty Advisor. Students will be assigned to a faculty advisor when they have completed at least 40 credits and have been admitted to the COEHS.  Students are required to meet with their faculty advisor prior to registering for additional courses when they reach this gateway.

Gateway 3: Admission to Student Teaching. Students should apply to the Office of Field Experience early in the semester prior to when they plan on student teaching.

Gateway 4: Program Completion and Recommendation for License.  This gateway is completed during student teaching. Successful completion of Gateway 4 results in the COEHS recommending the teacher candidate for licensure.

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