Gateway 3

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Gateway 3

Gateway 3

Candidates in Gateway 3 are able to apply the essential knowledge, skills, and dispositions of the field of education and are ready for mentored teaching in field placements.

To be admitted to student teaching, candidates must complete the following requirements: 

  • Attend required Student Teaching Informational Meeting the semester before student teaching 
  • Submit application October 1 (Spring Admission) or March 1(Fall Admission) 
  • Pass the Wisconsin Foundations of Reading Test if needed. Note: A teacher candidate will be allowed to student teach as long as they have attempted the FORT at last twice prior to applying for student teaching. However, UWO will not be able to recommend a teacher candidate for licensure without a passing score on FORT.

    Wisconsin State Statute requires that anyone seeking a teacher license to teach regular education in grade Kindergarten to grade 5, or in special education must take and pass the Wisconsin Foundations of Reading Test.  The passing score established by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) is 240. FORT scores must be available to the Office of Field Experiences at the time of application for student teaching. Resources for the Wisconsin Foundations of Reading Test.

  • Successful completion of undergraduate course work 
    • 3.0 Combined GPA,
    • 3.0 GPA in your major (2.75 math or science majors), and
    • 3.0 GPA in your minor (2.75 math or science minors).
  • Satisfactory completion of Human Relations Requirement (For instructions for how to upload this form in Tk20 please watch this short video)
  • Successful Completion of Clinical Field Placement for licensure program:
  • Completion of the Content and Pedagogy Assessment: 

    Content Knowledge is essential for educators. In order to provide evidence of content knowledge teacher candidates must have a 3.0 or higher Combined GPA at the time of application to student teaching (Oct 1 / March 1 of the semester prior to student teaching).

    Teacher candidates who do not have a 3.0 or higher Combined GPA must:

    • pass the Praxis II Subject Assessment in their licensure area(s) or the appropriate ACTFL exam prior to applying for student teaching. Depending on the major/minor, students may need to take more than one test. Passing scores for each test are listed here: Tests required for specific licensure areas


    • Beginning December 1, 2017, successfully complete a content-based portfolio to continue in their licensure program(s)

    Additional evaluation of content and pedagogy is assessed at Gateway 3, through the clinical edTPA. This performance based portfolio is completed within the associated methods course(s). The clinical edTPA assesses the knowledge and skills associated with InTASC Standards 1 - 8. InTASC Standards 9 and 10 are assessed through coursework in EDLP 406 and EDLP 408.

Gateway 3 has been completed once all requirements have been met.

The COEHS does have a formal Appeal Policy and Procedure that can be used if a student disagrees with decisions made during the student teaching admission process.
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